Training Report: Week of 2nd January to 8th January 2017

Recovery week this week means reduction in volume with endurance and technique workouts only.



Less inspiring swim this week, forced to use the Peterborough Regional Pool.  1400m at an attempted 2:15 100m intervals. Could manage 400m at a time before requiring a break. Definitely a long way to go with my swim before May.


Another technique turbo session to kick the week off, felt good in this session and hit better power outputs again.  Nice endurance MAF ride in the rain and cold on Friday afternoon.  I spent the whole ride convincing myself no-one else is training in this to make it more enjoyable. 


Sweaty Turbo Session


Saturday and another endurance MAF ride, this time a little warmer and even had the gloves off for a while.  When I am out doing slow endurance rides at weekend I always aim not to be overtaken by another cyclist, I think that if no one can catch me and I can overtake someone else when I’m riding MAF then I must be strong.  Unfortunately this week I got caught on a climb.  Spent the rest of the ride convincing myself that that guy was pushing super hard, every little helps I guess in the mental game of endurance sports.  Finished my Saturday ride with an hour riding with Alice trying not to race every time she attacked a climb, for someone who’s just started riding she’s a pretty mean climber.


First run of the week was a post work 10km, felt so strong and fast on this run.  Managed to PB for lots of distances at MAF in this run.

Finished the week with 15km trail run up at Fineshades woods, legs felt so tired in this run and this was definitely evident from a much slower pace compare to Sunday.  Wanted to stop at about 10km but persevered and actually got faster in the last 5km.

Highlight of the Week

Wednesday’s run was awesome, felt super strong and convinced myself I was proper runner.

Next Week

Strength sessions return and more force work on the bike.


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