Training Report: Week of 26th December to 1st January 2017

This week has again all been about balance with a short notice visit from my Australian family, wedding anniversary plans and New Year’s it’s been a week of managing my energy levels. Very pleased to have only not completed one planned session having spent 3 days in London.



This week’s swimming was amazing. My wife and I spent our wedding anniversary swimming the London 2012 Olympic pool.  Such an amazing building and beautiful pool.  My first time in a proper Olympic pool and did was not disappointed.  Planned to do 1500m to not over stretch myself but got carried away and did another 300m to make the most of hour in such an iconic venue.  If anyone ever has the chance when they are in London go have a swim there, and at £4.95 it’s the cheapest hour of entertainment you can find in the capitol.


The London Aquatic Centre



Again started the week with a turbo session focusing on pedal technique, pushed the session out to an hour adding 20 minutes of MAF riding. Finished the week with 2 long rides, first focusing on low cadence strength work on the climbs and second as just a MAF ride.  First ride felt awesome, pushed some big power all day at MAF and legs felt strong in the big gears climbing.  Second ride was the day after and felt tired in second half of the ride, cruised home.


One frosty morning run in the winter sunshine around the Olympic Park in London. Great place to run, although have to do multiple laps to do distances, but such an inspiring location.  Felt good on the run and cruising at MAF at a good pace.


Frosty morning run in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park


Planned to do 15kms on New Year’s Day but instead went back down to London to with Australian family to act as driver slash tour guide. Had a great day and remembered that sometimes there are more important things than training.

Other Workouts

Two early morning strength and conditioning workouts this week, both focusing on strength for running. First session focusing on lower body using slant board exercises, the second session focusing on core stability using a swiss ball.

Increase in reps for both sessions from last week.

Highlight of the Week

Again it’s swimming, but how could it not be swimming in an iconic pool where history was made.

To Work on Next Week

Back to work and a recovery week.


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