Training Report: Week of 19th – 25th December 2016

Christmas week and the great balancing act of family and training.  Finishing work for the holidays, two  family lunches and Christmas day to fit in planning training was interesting this week.  Managed to do all bar one session this week, so I am very pleased with that.  Overall was feeling stronger again this week and the numbers back it up.



This week’s swimming session nearly didn’t happen, after a family upper body strength session in the morning and a family lunch I really couldn’t be bothered to go to the pool.  Luckily Alice gave me the kick up the arse I needed and I got to the pool.  Very glad I went great session, felt strong smooth and fast and had to limit myself to my planned 1500m to keep enough in the tank to complete the rest of the week’s sessions.


A very bike heavy week trying to get the TSS in around all my other commitments.  Usual technique turbo session, felt really good this week with highest powers recorded for this session so far.

Long ride on Wednesday this week after finishing work for the holidays.  Planned to do four and a half hours but bike light battery warning came on just before coffee stop.  Wasn’t too bad as forced the last hour to ride just over MAF making a good fatigue session, managed 4 hours in the end.

Christmas Eve ride focusing on Force work on hills, with very low cadence work all the way up Collyweston.  Great ride felt strong for the whole ride and recorded highest normalised power for a mainly MAF ride so far this season.


Only one run this week, 12km MAF effort.  Good run and faster than last week so very pleased.  Missed out my technique session as ran out of time after long run before going to the second family lunch.

Other Workouts

Two early morning strength and conditioning workouts this week, both focusing on strength for running.  First session focusing on lower body using slant board exercises, the second session focusing on core stability using a swiss ball.

Increase in reps for both sessions from last week.

Highlight of the Week

My reluctant swim session, going from can’t be bothered to do the session to not wanting to stop was a great feeling.

To Work on Next Week

Another balancing act, more family time and wedding anniversary.


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