Training Report: Week 12th – 18th December

A more balanced week this week, 3 runs, 3 rides, a swim and some strength work, feeling really pleased with my efforts.



This week’s swim session was a nice progression on last week, dropping 100m intervals by 15 seconds.  Felt really strong throughout and didn’t need a rest after 1000m.


A bit less time on the bike this week.  Same Turbo session focusing on technique, but producing lower power numbers this week after feeling tired.  Good afternoon ride on Thursday, focused on low cadence force work on the climbs.  Legs felt like they’d had a workout after this session.


Top of ‘Peak Hill’


Long ride this week was a 97km loop out into the Fens.  Haven’t ridden out here solo for a while and forgot how boring it was with only 130m of climbing in the whole ride.  Was a good session for forcing continuous pedalling, but about two thirds of the way through got really bored and just wanted to get home.  The session then became more about improving mental toughness.  Did get to laugh at the ironically named Peak Hill though.


More running this week.  Started the week with an easy 3.5km run with a personal training client.  A nice 7km MAF run midweek dodging puddles in the dark.  And a great 12km MAF run through Finshades woods followed by a 10 minute technique session.


Ready for Technique Session


Really enjoyed my long run this week, I love running through the woods on a cold winters day as the sunlight just peeks through the trees.  Felt great on the run and as if I could have gone all day.  Faster this week in my MAF runs than last week.

Other Workouts

Two early morning strength and conditioning workouts this week, both focusing on strength for running.  First session focusing on lower body using slant board exercises, the second session focusing on core stability using a swiss ball.

Both sessions highlighting my strength weaknesses, so lots of room for improvement going forward.

Highlight of the Week

This week’s highlight of the week is going to be Saturday’s long run.  Glorious weather, beautiful place and felt strong.

To Work on Next Week

Balancing training with Christmas.


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