Training Report 5th-11th December 2016



This week has been a good week getting back into training after a week off from illness. Had lots of time on the bike, with an epic point-to-point ride, a nice ease back into running and an awesome first swim in ages.


One session this week, 1600m doing 100m repeats on 3 minutes. Focused on practicing my breathing rhythm as has always been a weakness in my front crawl.  First swim of this length in nearly 4 years and felt fantastic when I completed it.



Some festive turbo training


Big amount of bike work this week. One turbo session focusing on pedal efficiency, two long endurance rides and commuting every day. Big bike day on Saturday, rode 120km from Peterborough to Charndon through the driving rain to get to brother-in-law’s 30th birthday bash.  I love riding on new roads, only a shame there was very little to look at apart from rain.


Only the single 5km run this week. Had planned a long run on Sunday but Saturday’s big ride was much harder than I was expecting so opted to take rest day ready for next week instead.  The run this week was to be as expected after taking a while off, certainly lost the fitness from October’s half marathon, but down to a level I’d expect to be.

Other Workouts

One relaxing session of yoga this week. Followed Yoga with Adriene’s Yoga stretch video on YouTube.

Highlight of the Week

This week’s highlight of the week is definitely going to be my swim session. So pleased to be able to swim a long distance for the first time in years and really enjoy it.

To Work on Next Week

Better balance of schedule between cycling and running to get long run.


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