My Ride


What’s the first question we all ask a fellow cyclists/triathlete when we meet them off the bike? “What are your riding?” So here is my answer to that question.

Cannondale SuperSix Evo Ultergra Di2

I am currently riding a 2015 Cannondale SuperSix Evo Ultegra Di2, which I’ve had since February 2015.  I love this bike. I use it for pretty much everything; commuting, training, exploring and racing.  Although Cannondale market it as arace bike it really is hugely versatile due to a number of key factors.


It is one of the most comfortable bikes I’ve ridden.  Whilst it’s not a dedicated endurance bike there is very little vibration when riding over the rough stuff, making those dirt track detours fun.   It feels smooth even over the roughest of terrain, and being a regular user of Garmin’s round route feature I often ride it off road.

The SuperSix is also stiff, considering it’s a very comfortable bike. I have never felt like the bike has let me down when sprinting out of the saddle or trying to smash my way up a steep climb.  However with a max wattage of recorded I’m not sure whether I’m going to be doing an effort that ever truly tests this.

It handles amazingly.  Precise yet predictable turn in on the entry to corners and stable through the turn you feel like you really can push your descending limits on this bike.  This is aided by the superb Shimano Ultegra rim brakes that definitely stop you when they need to.  I have been using Vittoria Rubino Pros as my winter tyre since 2011, and I think they are a fantastic tyre which complement the SuperSix’s handling.  These tyres are incredibly puncture resistant, hard wearing and amazing value.

It’s also remarkably light, and will match up next to any top quality race bike on the market.  In it’s (56cm Frame) current winter set up with bottle cages, Garmin Edge 1000 and Vector 2s and Fulcrum Racing 5 wheelset my bike comes in at just over 8kg.  Cannondale claim the frame is in the sub 1kg bracket but I have personally never tested this.

And most importantly it’s a very good looking bike.  With it’s round tubes and classic geometry it has a nice retro feel to it.  Whilst I do admire the beautiful aero shapes now on offer from other brands, there is something about the SuperSix’s classic lines that I love.

And to top it off Di2 is amazing.  I mainly bought this bike for it’s Di2 groupset as I just wanted to ride a bike that had it.  The system is fantastic, changing gear is easy, no more stretching to find the big ring just press a button and it’s there.  I’ve ridden 8000km on this bike and only had to adjust the gears once, which is a very easy process.  If you’ve never tried out Di2 I would highly recommend it, just make sure you can afford to buy the bike because you won’t want to go back.


I will admit the bike does have some negatives.  As I am sure many of you will know the SuperSix has a BB30 bottom bracket.  Yes it does have the usual problems of the occasional creaks, but good maintenance and regular greasing solves this.  However when I first got the bike the initial bottom bracket bearings wore out after the first 500km and had to be replaced.  This seems to be a very common problem with the Cannondale in general but since that first change I still have to replacement bearings in place now working fine.


Frameset: Cannondale Evo SuperSix 56cm

Groupset: Shimano Ultegra Di2

Crankset: Cannondale SI

Wheels: in current winter set up Fulcrum Racing 5s with Rubino Pro Clincher Tyers

Saddle: Fi:zik R5 Arione

Finishing Kit: Cannondale

Pedals: Garmin Vector 2


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