Back to Cycling and Back to Blogging

So after 18 months of letting my blog go very stale I am back, and have a new direction.  After my first and only triathlon in April 2013 I decided that I loved cycling so returned to training solely in the sport, with my first goal the inaugural Ride London in August 2013.

For 2014 I set my sights on a return to road racing and Time Trials, having a mixed year.  A mix of inconsistent training and lack of racing due to a number factors meant my road racing season was a complete bust, and a bit of a shock to the system.  But my TT season was pretty satisfactory, continually getting faster in the club 10s nearly going under 24mins on my road bike if it hadn’t been for an angry (more on my part, apologies to the driver) exchange with a white van.  But my season ended before my final goal of the club hill climb by contracting pneumonia on the only rainy week of the summing bringing an end to my season,

After this somewhat disappointing year that had fallen far short of my high (probably overly high) expectations of my self I was considering taking a step back from competitive cycling.  I thought that perhaps this wasn’t the sport for me and that I was not as good as I thought I was.  But this week out of the blue I received an email from the cycling club letting me know I’d won a tiny bit of prize money from this years TT series.  It may be completely extrinsic and not really that important, but this little reminder that I’d achieved something last year gave me the kick in the back side that I needed to push on to 2015 and reset my goals, and get me excited about racing my bike again.

So I have decided for the coming 2015 season my main goal will be to solidly place in the top 10 of the Fenland Clarion Club TT Championships, with at least one sub 23minute ride on the Bluebell TT this year.

Hopefully this blog will chronicle the story of my 2015 season on a week by week basis so keep checking in to see how things are going.


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