First Tri

So this is it, my first Tri, both at blogging and triathlon!

Starting with triathlon; I have entered my self in to the East Coast Triathlon in Gt. Yarmouth in April 2013 after spending 3 years road biking with very little purpose other than the odd sportive and the rarer race (oh, and to justify my silky smooth legs).  I thought giving myself a goal of doing a new event would give me something to work for and put my MSc into practice to build myself a training plan.

Before building the training plan I needed to set myself a goal for this specific event.  At first I thought just completing my first triathlon would be a good target to aim for, but before I knew it my competitive side had already found last years results too see where my ego thought I could finish if the results were the same next.  Looking through the times for each split I saw that, based on previous experience and backed up by some rough and ready field test (more on those in the next post) I could, with some well planned and committed training beat the winning time of my age group (20-24) set in the 2012 event.  With the seed of competition firmly planted in my brain I have the dream of finishing my first triathlon in the top 15 overall and winning my age group.  However from my limited knowledge of Sports Psychology, mostly from reading British Cycling’s Dr. Steve Peters excellent ‘The Chimp Paradox’ I know that setting this as my goal would be pointless and possibly confidence destroying if not achieved.

So instead I looked at what would be required in order for me put myself in a position to possibly win my age group based on the only data available to me, last years results.  The winning time of the 20-24 age group at last years triathlon was 53 minutes and four seconds.  Based on this I have set my self the goal of completing the 250m pool swim, 16km bike ride and 3km run in less than 53 minutes.

The aim of this blog is to firstly explain how I have built my training, set my goals and essentially planned my route to achieving this goal.  Secondly it aims to provide a first hand account of a beginners first attempt at a triathlon, documenting my successes and inevitable failures as I juggle pretending I am the lost third Brownlee brother with real life.

However fortunately I have a little help with this as I am a lucky member of the Science in Sport Winter Academy who will be helping me keep properly fueled to achieve my winter training targets, setting me up perfectly for the final run into race day.  All of SiS’ helpfull hints and support to my nutrition plan I will share with you, as well as reviews of their many great products (WARNING: Following posts may contain more product placement than a James Bond Film).

Thanks for taking the time to read my first entry.

Coming up next time…..

  • How I used some simply field tests to assess where my performance is now, and how these results lead to the setting of my goal.
  • Setting objectives that will enable me to achieve this goal.
  • An overview of my training plan and approaches for this triathlon.

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